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Non-Profit Services

Nothing compares to seeing the faces non-profits help out and hearing directly from them how the organization helped them.

Testimonial videos are known to increase the amount of donations a group receives. One video I created was shown at a non-profit's silent auction and dinner; not one person left without donating, even if they didn't participate in the silent auction. 

Videos are also opportunities to create awareness about your organization's mission and its events. Having a family story video or event highlight video on social media allows others to share your non-profit's story and grow awareness.


Business Services

People take into account the story behind a company as much as the features behind the product and service. What better way to show people all of this than with a video! 

Video gives people the opportunity to watch how your product works or to see how your clinic operates. According to a recent Forbes article, 90% of customers said a video played a big role in their final purchase decision. A fitness studio I created a video testimonial for saw an increase in people signing up for their bootcamp class.

Video marketing also increases conversion on landing page, click-through rates on emails and brand awareness on social media and online. Create videos with tips to share on social media and your website to show off your knowledge as well as increase your SEO. 


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