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I paid for a lot of my own wedding: wedding photographer, decorations, stationary…  So when my husband and I were seeing what we could do to ease the budget, we eliminated wedding videography. 

Not having a wedding video ended up being the one thing we regret about our wedding day. 

Zola did a survey, and apparently not hiring a wedding videographer is a regret a lot of couples have

There are so many reasons why you need a wedding video, but here are my top five reasons why you need to hire a wedding videographer.

1. Experience the moments you always want to remember…

I LOVE all of my wedding photos; I have canvases and prints of them displayed all over my house as well as an album. But I also wish I had a wedding video to watch all of those moments as they happened from start to finish. I want to experience the atmosphere, the tears, the laughs; I want to feel the emotion when I listen to our wedding vows again and watch our first dance.

Amanda and Michael’s notes to each other, their gift exchange, their ceremony — they get to experience these emotional and happy moments all over again! Jaclyn shared a special dance with her grandfather during her and Jamie’s Nashville wedding. That’s moment is captured in their wedding video for them to treasure forever.

Wedding photographers tell me how much they value wedding videography. The two really go hand-in-hand! 

“The longer I do photography the more I value videography,” Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Hoard told me, “There are little moments that I can capture parts of but the moment from start to finish isn't captured. I can capture the laugh in a couple of images; but the full start to finish, the complete expression, that would best be caught on video. I can get his joy (or even tears) while you walk down the aisle but a video would get him trying not to cry and the actual wiping away his tears.”

Wedding Photographer Camille Leigh and I work together often, and she tells me all the time, “Video captures what photo just can’t show. When you see a photo you can try to remember what happened or imagine the joke everyone was laughing at or the song that was playing. With video there’s no guessing. You can see exactly what was going on as if you were in that exact moment. You can watch it over and over again and relive your wedding day.”

2. …and the ones you didn’t see.

Your wedding day will go by so quickly, no matter how mindful you are about taking in all of the moments. And you won’t be there to witness every single moment. As a wedding videographers, I am constantly moving around and capturing as much of the day as possible. I’m capturing the big moments but also looking out for those in between moments.

At Susan and David’s brunch wedding, I saw Susan’s daughter at the hot chocolate bar pouring chocolate chips into a bowl. When I delivered the final wedding video, Susan called me: That bowl her daughter had was her special bowl. Susan didn’t get to see that moment but was so tickled that it was captured on video! 

Dana Reid of Dana Reid Calligraphy - and a newlywed! - told me the little moments like this are her favorite part about her wedding video: “I got to see my husband gently swaying back and forth with nervous excitement, craning his neck to see me coming around the corner. I got to see the reception setup before the guests came in and the tables were touched. I got to see my grandparents, who've been married for 57 years, sharing the only dance they danced at our wedding, which took place while I was in another room.” 

3. Experience the sounds from the wedding day. 

I had family members film the big moments of our wedding ceremony and reception with a handheld video camera. I’m so glad I have those, but it’s hard to hear the audio. I started tearing up during our wedding vows, and you can’t hear it on the family video recording. I can hear the priest’s homily, but it’s muffled and I can hear other people rustling around over the priest talking. 

Bride Shelby told me after she and her husband received their wedding video that she’d almost forgotten what the priest said during their ceremony. And that was just three months after the wedding. Imagine how the memory fades after a year. Two years. Ten years. 

As professional wedding videographers, we have quality audio equipment that allows us to capture clear, crisp audio with barely being able to see the microphone. For rehearsal dinner and reception speeches, we have equipment that plugs into the microphone and audio board to capture that audio. 

Kaitlin Stammetti, wedding planner and owner of Rowan Lane Events, shared with me, “Vows, speeches, even just the sound of a love one's laugh can bring back a flood of memories and nostalgia from an amazing day couples will never be able to replicate. Having a well done video as part of your big day is something you will watch with your spouse, show your friends, and share with your children. I can't imagine not having this precious time capsule of your wedding day to treasure.”

4. Experience the day again and again with your family. 

Friends tell me their kids love watching their wedding video! It’s so special that kids get to watch and experience a special day in their parents’ lives. 

Wedding videos are also wonderful for family that wasn’t able to travel to or be at the wedding. The day of Sarah and Gary’s wedding, Gary’s father became sick and couldn’t make it to the wedding. We were all devastated he wasn’t there. We were able to FaceTime his dad for wedding photos and video (he even waved for the cameras :) ). But I’m so glad they have this video for him to experience and watch from the wedding day. 

5. Experience the whole day clearly recreated.

This isn’t your mama’s wedding video! All jokes aside, the modern wedding video style is more cinematic. Professional audio equipment, HD video, color grading, music in the background -- today’s wedding videos recreate the atmosphere of your wedding day coupled with cinematic editing. I truly want to make your wedding video a priceless memento and a work of art for you!

“You really have to think about what you're getting (or what you're missing out on without it),” said Dana, “You're getting a professional trained in capturing love and joy and little details, you're getting a re-creation of your best day, you're getting the opportunity to hear your grandparents' voices and see them smile long after they pass on, you're getting a recording of those precious words you vowed to your brand new spouse and the way his voice was so sure and proud when he said ‘I do.’”

Kaitlin tells her couples this when planning their wedding: “No one will remember what kind of flowers or linens or clever koozies you had. Don't get caught up in competing with other couple's weddings, Pinterest pins, or Instagram photos. Invest in a planner, a great DJ, food that tastes great, and amazing vendors who will capture it all on camera and video. These are the things that make your wedding unique and memorable. You won't regret it!”



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