Red Shoe Society of Memphis

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From a 2016 Red Shoe Society "Friend-raiser" event at Wiseacre

From a 2016 Red Shoe Society "Friend-raiser" event at Wiseacre

You've been here before: Your child is sick, so you take them to your family physician. 

This time is different though. You're not walking out with a prescription, but with a pediatric cancer diagnosis and orders to pack your bags for Memphis, Tennessee, where your child will receive treatment. 

Among all the other thoughts rushing through your head about caring for your child there are thoughts of 'Where will we stay?' and 'How will we afford it?'

The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis takes that worry away from families, so they can focus on what's important: Caring for their child. 

A friend I met through volunteering at a local children's hospital contacted me when she began establishing a Memphis chapter of the Red Shoe Society, a group for young professionals to meet new people as well as fundraise and volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Memphis. She asked me to become a member.

I'm entering my second year with the Red Shoe Society and most recently became a part of the leadership team. Every time I visit the House I hear a new family story or learn another unique way they help care for families.

It's an incredibly humbling experience to sit and talk with families at the Ronald McDonald House. Their kids are being treated for cancer - something they never imagined happening in their family - and they're having to do it away from the one place they want to be during a challenging time like this: home.

In the last 25 years, the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis housed nearly 9,000 families from nearly every state plus 45 countries. The average operating cost per room per night is $108.

Families stay fee of charge.

And it's because of organizations like the Red Shoe Society helping the House.

The Memphis area is ripe with opportunities to give back to the community, and the Red Shoe Society is one of them. So if you're like me and have a soft spot for a cause helping kiddos, I highly encourage that you learn more about the Red Shoe Society.