Nichole & Brandon’s Bohemian Wedding in Selmer, Tennessee

Bohemian Wedding in Selmer, Tennessee | Memphis Wedding Videographer | Tennessee Wedding Videographer

I met up with Nichole to talk about wedding videography on a particularly hard day for her: The anniversary of her father’s passing.

We switched to more upbeat conversation - the rustic colored bridesmaids dresses, the string lights she was going to put up at the reception venue - but her dad continued to come up. She showed me a letter he wrote her when she turned 13, and she shared how she planned to turn it into a bracelet she would wear on her wedding day. Nichole mentioned her brothers would walk her down the aisle.

I can only imagine how difficult it is not to have someone so important in your life not there for such a special day. But on the day of the wedding, it became clear where Nichole’s strength comes from.

Nichole started getting nervous as she put on her wedding dress, but her mom was right there telling her to take deep breaths. Nichole’s mom also did a lot of the wedding planning along with other friends and family.

Nichole and Brandon’s love for one another coupled with the love of their friends and family made their wedding day so joyful! The little jump Nichole did as they were pronounced husband and wife, all of the speeches and performances at the reception, the kids dancing with Brandon — everyone was smiling and laughing. This is why I always encourage people to have wedding videography: Video captures all of these speeches, the full movement of all the dancing... And the little joyful jump Nichole did? She said she didn't remember doing that but loved seeing that sweet, sweet moment on video! 


It truly was special to be there on their wedding day and to witness so much love and joy.

I never met him, but I bet Nichole’s father would have loved every second of it.

Photography: Elizabeth Hoard Photography
Cinematography: Wanderlust Video Productions
Venue: Rose Creek Village
Hair: Hair Shack Salon
Make up: Denise Parmley

Nichole told me everything else was either DIY or done with help by amazing and talented friends and family!

Catering: Alaina Hartle
Cake: Natha Ashley Fagan
Decor:  Marlene Hidalgo and Cheers Pennington
Flowers: Faith Dickerson
Lighting: Dave Copenhaver
Signage: Esther Pavao (Nichole’s sister)
Wedding planner: Nichole’s mom Tipharah and her sister Esther!