Josee & Corey’s Mississippi Wedding at the Family Home



Josee & Corey had their Mississippi wedding at a family home. With so many odes to family, it made it the perfect backdrop for her vintage inspired wedding. I wanted the atmosphere to come through with their wedding video, so I made sure to highlight the sights as well as the sounds of the day -- from their first dance under Josee’s late father’s chandelier to their family sweeping and setting up for the wedding day.

This wedding day was full of emotions and so personal for Josee & Corey. Corey’s sister passed away a few weeks before the wedding; I remember Josee emailing me that they weren’t sure if they were going to have a wedding afterall. But Josee’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail really helped keep a warm, family feeling resonating throughout the day.

There’s no one better to explain the wedding day than Josee:

I was told numerous times that renting farm tables and upright chairs wasn’t necessary (I was also told that about a wedding video, but it's the best decision I made regarding that day -- next to saying “I do” to spending the rest of my life with Corey). I wouldn’t budge on either and I feel like the long table was such a statement.


It was the FIRST time most of Corey’s family and my family met, and we had been dating about seven years when we got married. So I felt like one really long table for the dinner wasn’t just a design statement, but more about everyone close to Corey and I being together for the very first time- as one big group of family and friends.

Corey’s sister passed away three weeks before our wedding. His family was so strong through it all, and it was a beautiful thing to see my family and his come together to make our day as perfect as it could possibly be. In spite of the intense pain of losing someone as dear as Corey’s sister so close to our wedding it was truly the definition of family that made that day happen.


A little fact about the chandelier: That was actually my dad’s. Him and my mom fixed up an old victorian house in a tiny town in Southern Illinois when I was little (he was a carpenter). that hung in the wraparound stairwell. He passed away when I was seven years old, and it went to my grandmother. It hung in her stairwell to the upstairs for about 16 years. When they took it down it had about that many years of dust on it. Since I couldn’t have a father daughter dance with him and he wasn’t there to walk me down the aisle, it was the one thing sentimentally that I really wanted.

We are having a little boy in February, but maybe someday we will have a girl and I can hang it in her nursery. It's a really prized family piece that I was so happy to inherit.

I'm such a sentimental person and I love keeping things personal- I made my bridesmaids earrings that they wore that day, and I even kept the plate settings Corey and I used on our wedding day. Corey’s mom and I with the help of other close family members spent nearly an entire year searching for the perfect plate settings. We laid them out in Corey's parents living room floor about ten times placing them together with intention for the big day. It looked really eclectic.


The wedding decor was a huge combination of my vision and Corey’s mom’s talent of putting it all together. She is AMAZING at weddings. I wanted to have details that stood out, but not so much that it took away from the family lake home setting. And she nailed it. I mean, if someone can make an intimate setting elegant but still relaxed enough where it's acceptable to have a sit down Mexican food dinner then it's a win to me!


My dress I bought at Low’s Bridal. I felt like Drew Barrymore in Ever After when I put it on! I kept saying that in the dressing room. I had my maid of honor, her mom, bridesmaids, and mother in law with me. They were speechless: I thought they hated it from the looks on their faces, but it was just one of those moments where I didn’t care, you know? Because it was elegant, eclectic, and unique: Everything I wanted in a dress.

Turns out they ended up liking it! Some people even thought the dress was a true vintage dress. I had the caps over the sleeves removed and the skirt sewn to the top (it was 2 separate pieces when I bought it). I had the veil handmade and designed by a local Memphis seamstress to match the dress. She took the lace caps off of the sleeves to use on the veil and then hand beaded the pearls to it. I can’t really put a price on that dress.