Demi Jo & Aaron's Rustic Fall Wedding at Mallard's Croft

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I didn’t get to meet Demi in person until the wedding day, but she is such a warm and inviting person I instantly connected with her. She has this beautiful spirit that instantly makes you feel right at ease with her. 

While Demi was getting hair and make up, their wedding photographer, Jon Sharman Photography, asked the bridal party to sit around and tell fun stories. They ended up telling scary stories about haunted Memphis locations. So, Demi, if you see pictures of your bridesmaids looking terrified…. (Haha! It was such a funny moment in the end!)

Demi couldn’t stop playing with her wedding dress. It was a quintessential Cinderella dress with a modern twist. Her bridesmaids gushed over her during our first look!

Demi and Aaron chose not to do a first look with each other, so I only imagine the anticipation they felt ahead of time. As Demi walked across the field at Mallard’s Croft to the wedding ceremony location you could see the moment she saw him clearly and became overwhelmed with emotion and joy. (Possibly still not to be outdone by one of her bridesmaids who cried tears of joy at every pinnacle moment of the wedding day- when Demi’s make up was done, when Demi put her dress on, when Demi and Aaron said their vows.)


I love having time with the couples alone during sunset on the wedding day. It’s an opportunity for them to enjoy the moment away from the hustle and bustle. It’s also an opportunity where I like to collaborate with the wedding photographer on giving the couple some cues that pull some natural actions and emotions. It was during sunset I caught video of Demi absolutely looking like a goddess! She owned that camera! 

None of this was to be outdone by the reception. Everyone. Was. Dancing. This was my first wedding with oversized glow sticks, and I must say that I’m a fan; what fun video it turned out to be! 

And when the wedding party gathers on the dance floor to sing along to NSynyc’s Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays… in October… you know it’s going to be a blast!

Thank you Demi and Aaron for being so gracious and having me be a part of such a fun day!