Carol & Jason's St. Louis Catholic Church & Memphis Zoo Wedding

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Carol has planned many amazing events for nonprofits like the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, so I knew as a bride she’d put thought into every detail for her Memphis Zoo wedding.

I also knew she’d probably have her event planner hat on during her wedding day (and she did for some parts of it :) ). She’s so passionate about making sure people enjoy themselves, but I wanted to make sure she enjoyed her own wedding day! During Carol and Jason’s first look is when I noticed Carol relax and embrace the day’s activities. That’s the thing I love about couples having a first look and something I experienced myself at my wedding: It puts the couple at ease. It serves as a reminder of what’s important about the day.

Carol’s priest didn’t have me put a microphone on him (Carol later informed me it was one of his first weddings so he was nervous!), but I so wish he would have let me! He had nothing to be nervous about: his homily was beautiful!

He asked the people gathered, “Do you know how a pearl is made?” He explains that a little piece of sand enters the slimy insides of an oyster, then after a lot of time and hard work a beautiful pearl is created. He went on to remind Carol and Jason that during anything difficult in life, that with time and work they can make it something beautiful. He reminded them in those difficult times to come back to their wedding and their vows: “I will be faithful to you in good times and in bad.”


The whole day I couldn’t get over how Jason looked lovingly at Carol. Carol and I are friends, so I’ve seen them together. But something about the wedding day had Jason looking at his bride with so much love. I can only imagine he was thinking, “Damn, I’m a lucky guy.”

Carol said one of her favorite parts of her wedding day was her Hayley Paige wedding dress. Wedding Photographer Ashley Benham and I asked Carol to twirl that spectacular skirt over and over. Carol was the best bride and obliged us every time! It was the sweetest moment when Carol and her flower girl twirled their skirts next to each other.

There are so many things I could say I loved about their wedding day: The Pancho’s cheese fountain, Carol’s bridesmaids dancing at the reception (I see you Savannah! :) ), their growl towel exit. One of the things I loved most about their wedding video is incorporating the natural sounds of the morning when everyone was getting ready. Sound for me helps sets the stage of the day: Everyone chatting and laughing, and I especially loved the moment you heard the bridesmaids reacting to seeing Carol in her wedding gown for the first time.


It’s truly an honor to be a part of wedding days, especially for a friend. Thank you Carol & Jason for having me be a special part of your day!