Amanda & Michael's Spring Wedding at Great River Lodge in Arkansas

Spring Wedding | Great River Lodge | Arkansas Wedding Videographer

Amanda and Michael were married in April when the trees and flowers were blooming… and it was 30-degree weather. Amanda told me there were snow flurries that morning! Not what you expect when you plan a Spring wedding in the Mid-South. But these two handled it better than any character from Frozen (with the help of hard warmers)! 

Despite the cold temperatures, they chose to have their first look outside along the path in front of Great River Lodge in Arkansas underneath a trail of trees. They read their notes to each other while being back-to-back. There wasn’t a dry eye around. Elizabeth Hoard Photography and I were sniffling - and it wasn’t just because of the cold weather. 

“My love, today is mostly an ordinary day: The sun rose, babies were born, most people slept in, and we just so happen to be getting married,” began Amanda’s letter to Michael, “But the not so ordinary part is how we are making promises to one another for the rest of our days, no matter how ordinary or unusual they may be.”

The sweetest part to me was how Amanda’s groom couldn’t help but get emotional. These two are sarcastic and crack jokes at one another, but this touching moment was so sentimental and a true show of their love. 

Michael began his letter by writing, "I wasn’t sure how to begin this letter so I will start by saying thank you. Thank you for loving me for who I am, for being yourself and for letting me in your life. For always being there for me, for being so beautiful, and always making me feel like I matter. And for making me the happiest man in the world by letting me become your husband.”

After reading their notes and sharing some sweet time together during their first look, they exchanged gifts. Amanda’s gift: A PUPPY! You have to watch their wedding video to see how excited and emotional she gets! 

A longtime friend of theirs did the ceremony. It was another glimpse into who Amanda and Michael are as people and as a couple. 

It started off like you’d expect from a ceremony but then he adds his own twist to it (again - you have to watch their wedding video!). I enjoyed every minute of their ceremony! 

Michael's drive during early morning workouts, Amanda's feisty mother bear instincts - he said these traits would help them have a long marriage, adding that marriage is a lot of work. “I talk to you as a trainer: You have to spot each other. In the gym the spotter is not often given the credit that’s due. You have to be the kind of person that is there when situations get heavy, and they look to you when they’re unsure if they have the strength to get it done. In that moment you have to decide if they need to struggle or if they need some assistance, if they need some encouragement or if they just need to know that you’re there."

To wrap up the day, these two were rockstars yet again. When I film wedding exits, I like to have the couples go through at least twice so I can get different angles and capture the moment in different ways. If the fireworks last, let’s keep going! Amanda and Michael had a blast doing it, too! 

Thank you Amanda and Michael so much for having me be a special part of an amazing day for you all!

VENDORS (who were also rockstars!): 

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