Sabrina & Wallace's Summer Wedding at Shelby Farms Park

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Sabrina and Wallace have this contagious energy about them. The first time we met, during our consultation, we laughed so much together my smile hurt.

It made me all the more excited about their wedding day.

I expected that much energy the day of their wedding, but when we first arrived even Memphis Wedding Photographer Camille Leigh noticed she wasn’t being herself. I knew the look well from my own wedding. Camille and I looked each other and knew, ‘She needs to see Wallace.’ Sure enough, as soon as they did their first look, Sabrina lit right up! This is one reason I’m a huge advocate for the first look; it just puts the couple at ease about the rest of the day.

You can see and feels how much Sabrina and Wallace love each other! It was especially apparent during their vows, in the way they spoke to one another and looked at each other throughout. It was so genuine!


"Through crazy times, lack of funds, and distance, you were there," Wallace began his vows, "For the last 11 years you've accepted me for me. You allowed me into your family's lives and there's nothing but more and more love shown year after year. The love you show my family couldn't be more genuine; you embraced my daughter when she could barely walk. You know I wouldn't be me if I couldn't go back to my musical roots: My granddaddy said it best in the 1968 cut, 'I got a sure thing with my baby.' Baby, let me be your sure thing."

What Sabrina had to say for her vows I think every bride and groom needs to think about too:

“In preparation for today I've read vows by other couples, I've researched different quotes and definitions of love, and listened to numerous love songs because I wanted to say something extra deep and complex," Sabrina began her vows. "I knew I would be in the company of some of Memphis' greatest pastors and preachers, and I wanted to impress our guests with my words. But then I just stopped researching, and I simply thought of you. I realized I didn't have to be deep and complex because you make everything for me simple and easy."


From there she shared the moment she knew she wanted to marry him, back in college when they were getting fast food and Wallace only had enough money for one burger. I'd write it all out but, honestly, it's something you need to listen to to fully appreciate! Go watch their wedding video!  

Much like Sabrina said she started writing her vows with the idea of having the perfect words to say, I felt like I had to make this video perfect. I just adore Sabrina and Wallace, and their ties to the music industry made me feel like I needed to step up my game, be super creative, maybe be a little edgier with my editing. I edited and tore apart and restarted editing their wedding video so many times because I wanted it to be perfect. But just like Sabrina did with her vows, I took a step back and thought about the people I was making this for: Sabrina and Wallace. So I started over.

In the end I teared up so many times during that final editing process; watching all their special moments and listening to their vows and listening to the words of the pastor. This wedding video, the way I edited it in the end, wasn't deep and complex; it was simply Sabrina and Wallace.