Shelby & Daniel’s Memphis Zoo Wedding

Memphis Zoo Wedding | Memphis Wedding Videographer | Tennessee Wedding Videographer

“Shelby turned a bunch of lemons into a big ol’ freakin’ glass of lemonade.”

Elizabeth Hoard could not have said it more perfectly. 

This was one of the soundbites I used for a news story I did about Shelby and Elizabeth back when Shelby, in a show of strength, had an epic trash the dress photography session on what was supposed to be her wedding day. 

As her story traveled from local news to Off Beat Bride and BuzzFeed, we kept in touch. Shelby even thoughtfully texted me on my wedding day: “Happy wedding day!! Hope it’s wonderful and amazing and everything in between! May it be filled with love and laughter.” 

Fast forward and I’m having coffee with Shelby and her fiancé Daniel to talk about wedding videography. From they way they exchanged witty remarks to the way they laughed with each other, their comfortable love made it apparent these two are soul mates. 

Their wedding day was a reflection of how fun and kind Shelby and Daniel are. While Shelby was getting her hair done by Allison Becksfort and make up done by Kasey Acuff, she and her friends were laughing and joking. I loved the way her dad proudly looked at her during the getting ready process. His reaction when he saw her for the first time in her stunning dress from the Barefoot Bride was such a sweet moment! The bridal bouquet by Dorothy K’s Flowers and More was quintessential Shelby, with a big ol’ statement flower in the middle.

I gave Shelby and Daniel each a GoPro to record their wedding day from their perspective, and it. was. amazing. While Shelby’s friends recorded moments like waking her up and popping champagne, Daniel used his as a confessional. He told me when he handed it back to me on the wedding day, “Hey, I forgot my wedding suit shirt and recorded the whole ordeal on the Go Pro. I want this video to be a surprise for Shelby.” Seriously, these two crack me up!

I get goosebumps every time I watch their first look. For Elizabeth Hoard Photography and I, it was beautiful to see Shelby so happy with such a perfect man for her. 

Their wedding ceremony at the Memphis Zoo Zambezi Exhibit was so much fun. The venue was stunning, DeepBlu Entertainment played great music and we were all hopping in for pictures at the Hotshots Photobooth. 

It was such an honor to be a part of Shelby and Daniel’s wedding day. And just plain fun to have “Shelizzarah” back together again.