Susan & David’s Brunch Wedding at Home in Memphis

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Wedding videography is sometimes a last minute addition for couples, so I don’t always get to meet them beforehand.

That was the case for me with Susan and David. The first time I met them was on their wedding day, two hours before the ceremony in the flurry of preparing their house for their cozy home wedding.

I was only there for a few hours, but I noticed something quickly about Susan and David: They are all about their family.

Before the wedding David had questioned why we would ‘need’ a wedding video. Now he says, ‘I take it all back. This was the greatest thing ever.’
I can’t tell you how much we love it, and what it has meant to us. Thank you again for capturing our most special day with our precious friends and family.
— Susan + David

I especially noticed it during their reception. Everyone kicked their shoes off (for the kids, quite literally) and got comfortable. The adults chatted over coffee and brunch while the kids - in their play clothes parents cleverly brought and changed them into - kicked a soccer ball around in the yard and jumped on the trampoline. Soon enough, an adult-versus-kid ping pong tournament broke out; other family members are sitting around the ping pong table cheering. David took his suit jacket off to challenge one of the kids; I caught a glimpse of Susan looking over at them, smiling blissfully.

It was cozy, quaint and full of love.


We so easily get caught up in the wedding details: What our wedding party is going to be wearing, what song we’re going to walk down the aisle to, making sure our hair and makeup is perfect for our wedding (I’ve been a bride; I get it and I've been there). But it was during Susan and David’s reception where I found myself thinking, This is what a wedding is about.

Family. And everyone being themselves.

That's why when I edited their wedding video, I wanted family to be a big part of it. 

Dress: Maggie Louise
Hair and makeup: Susan did her own! 
Catering: Fork It Over Catering
Flowers: L & Jay Productions
Cake: The Flour Garden
Photography: Elizabeth Hoard Photography
Violin Players: Jennifer Whitehead